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Royal Brussels

From Leopold I To Albert II, in the footsteps of the kings

Royal Splendours

At the heart of the federal state, Brussels is firstly the capital of the realm. The Royal Square, with the statue of Godfrey of Bouillon seems tiny and encourages me to explore the rich surroundings. I leave the Royal Museums of Ancient and Modern Art behind and head for the Brussels Park (BRUXELLES). It is laid out in pleasant, perfectly symmetrical paths which provide the link between the elected representatives of the people (the Parliament) and the monarchy (the Palace). One of the pediments of the Brussels Royal Palace (BRUXELLES) leaves me speechless. A low relief represents Belgium showing a medallion bearing the effigy of Leopold II, the "Builder King".

Fairy tale

The other Palace, the ROYAL PALACE OF LAEKEN (LAEKEN), houses the sovereigns since 1830. On a spring day I walk along the paths to the Royal Greenhouses in Laeken (LAEKEN), one hectare and a half of oval-shaped, crystalline galleries, for a delightful stroll through gardens subtly perfumed with rare essences. I have no difficulty whatsoever convincing myself that its collections of orange trees are among the finest in the world.

Inestimable riches

The arches arise majestically on the axis of two fountains. Since it was built to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the Kingdom, this site has played host to a thousand and one treasures in the Royal Museum of the Armed forces and Military History, Brussels (BRUXELLES), Autoworld Brussels - The World Automobile Centre (BRUXELLES) and the Cinquantenaire Museum - Royal Museums of Art and History (BRUXELLES). Like many others, I discovered the wonders of these museums. There, I explored Egypt on the 2nd floor, through the 9,000 objects and works of art brought from the Valley of the Nile. Don't forget to visit the: MIM - The Musical Instruments Museum (BRUXELLES), Musée Oldmasters Museum, Royal Museums of Fine Arts (BRUXELLES) and Royal Museums of Fine Arts - Musée Fin-de-Siècle Museum (BRUXELLES).


The ROYAL MUSEUM OF CENTRAL AFRICA (TERVUREN) is a legacy of Belgium overwhelming colonial power bequeathed by Leopold II: the twenty exhibition rooms are all the more grandiose as they attest to a bygone age. Later, I stroll through the fountains and enjoy the majestic surrounding nature. Belgium has a lot to offer and I yearn for more.