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Hybrid bicycle route

Circuit de la Thudine | Cycling trails in Wallonia

Circuit de la Thudine | Cycling trails in Wallonia
© WBT - David Samyn
Difficulty: Medium
22 km
3 h
Locality: Lobbes
Province : Hainaut

Following the banks of the Sambre along hauling tracks, the trail then cuts accross the wooded and countryside landscapes of the magnificent Thuin region.
Let's ride along the Sambre river to Thuin, one of the most beautiful towns in Belgium. The imposing Saint Ursmer Collegiate church in Lobbes dominates us as we set off along RAVeL 3 to discover the Sambre river that boatmen know and love.
Following the conversion of the river into a canal in 1829, boat building yards started popping up everywhere. The barges built in Thuin, that can be seen sailing along the river, have a distinctive build mark: two fleur de lis lillies that meet on the prow.
After a kilometre, we leave the Sambre and enter the Thuin countryside, punctuated on the hilltops by the magnificent Château de Fosteau. A little after Leers-et-Fosteau, we come across Ragnies, one of the "Most Beautiful Villages in Wallonia", which is home to the Biercée Distillery.
As we approach Thuin, we are surprised by the town's layout. Built on a rocky outcrop and bordered by its famous "suspended gardens", it is dominated by its belfry, which is a UNESCO heritage site. We continue our descent and rejoin the Sambre river. We can feel the nostalgia as we follow the quays where all the old barges are moored: they are beautiful creations that have travelled through the ages...

Good to know!

In Thuin, enjoy a tram-bike experience. Take your bike on the tram to Lobbes. Visit the Rural Tramway Discovery Centre, a "Bikes Welcome" establishment, and the Saint-Ursmer Collegiate church, then ride back along the RAVeL.

In practice

Type of surface
RAVeL and small asphalted country roads.
Type of bicycle
Hybrid Bicycle.


Superb 22km ride, that follows RAVeL 3. It then travels across the Thuin countryside before rejoining the Sambre river. No high difficulty sections.


Around 15 years old.
From Lobbes station, rejoin RAVeL 3 along the banks of the Sambre.
Be advised: signage is currently being completed - Contact the tourist office before setting off!
Car park

Lobees station

Difficulty: Medium
Length of the trail: 22 km.
Duration: 3 heures.


PLUSTourist information on the town LOBBES