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Beer: a marvellous ambassador for Wallonia

Wallonia is one of the regions of the world which has the widest variety of beers, such as pils, white beer, Abbey beer, Trappist beer, etc.

© WBT - Philippe Lermusiaux


Trappist beers

There are only seven Trappist beers in the world, six of which are produced in Belgium, including three in Wallonia: Orval, Chimay and Rochefort.

The secrets of these famous beers are to be found in the heart of the abbeys, which are well worth a detour and, in some cases, you can visit. There’s always an inn or a bistro nearby where you’ll be served the local beer as it’s meant to be served.

Abbey beers in Wallonia

Abbey beers, with their evocative names, owe their designations to existing or defunct abbeys. They still bear the names of those abbeys, such as Leffe, Maredsous, Val-Dieu and Floreffe, although they are not necessarily brewed there. These names might inspire you to take a trip to their place of origin, or you might just want to sit back and relax while you drink them.

Discover the abbeys that have inspired our beers


The Maredsous Abbey and St Joseph Visitors' Centre, Dennée
Val Dieu Abbey and Brewery in Aubel
Floreffe Abbey
Notre-Dame of Leffe Abbey
The Cistercian Abbey of Aulne
Abbaye des Rocs brewery

Artisanal brewing in Wallonia


The incredibly fast development of artisan breweries since the 1990s has given rise to a multitude of new beers and flavours.

Come and taste raspberry beer, seasonal beer, white beer or organic beer, to name just a few.


Beer and food

Beer has always been intimately linked with food here in Wallonia. You can sample all sorts of regional dishes made with local beers, or have beer as an accompaniment to your meal.


Why not go on a leisurely trip through Wallonia, stopping off, as the fancy takes you, at some of the countless restaurants that offer speciality food made with beer, or else take the time to taste one of our 500 restaurants?


Immerse yourself in the heart of Wallonia’s brewing traditions