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Bicentenary Waterloo 1815: visits and walks in Wallonia


Waterloo battlefield, Napoleon's final headquarters, the Wellington Museum... Follow the French and Allied forces as they march to their final battle.

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Lion's Hamlet & Visitors' Centre and Waterloo battlefield (BRAINE-L'ALLEUD)

The Lion's Hamlet is located at the heart of the Waterloo battlefield where, on 18 June 1815, French and British troops clashed....
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Lion's Mound, Waterloo Battlefield (BRAINE-L'ALLEUD)

The Lion's Mound, a monument commemorating the Battle of Waterloo marks the spot where the Prince of Orange was wounded....
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Panorama at the Battle of Waterloo battlefield (BRAINE-L'ALLEUD)

The panorama of the Battle of Waterloo, is an immense 110m x 12m circular painting portraying scenes from the battle fought on 18 June 1815....
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The Wellington Museum in Waterloo (WATERLOO)

In the heart of Waterloo, the Wellington Museum is an old inn that served as the Duke of Wellington's headquarters during the famous battle in 1815....
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1815 Memorial, Battle of Waterloo memorial site (BRAINE-L'ALLEUD)

At the heart of the Lion's Hamlet, the Memorial 1815 plunges you back in time into the history and atmosphere of the Battle of Waterloo....
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Château de la Paix (FLEURUS)

The Château de la Paix, in Fleurus, is famous for housing Napoleon on the night of the battle of Ligny on 17 June 1815, the night before Waterloo....
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General Gérard centre - Battle of Ligny Museum (LIGNY)

This Napoleon themed museum recalls Napoleon's final victory, before the famous battle of Waterloo, in an authentic 18th century setting....
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