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Cooking lessons
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Cookery courses and culinary experiences in Wallonia

During the holidays, or even over a weekend, how about taking a cookery course in Wallonia, taught by a chef, maybe with a Michelin star, or even at a farm?

© WBT - Emmanuel Mathez

Cookery courses for all, throughout the region

It’s becoming more and more difficult these days to turn on the television without coming across one of the many cooking programmes out there.

When you’re watching these shows you’re cooking vicariously, possibly dreaming about having your own dinner party with family or friends.

We don’t really have enough time any more to cook every day, so the cult of the cookery programme has arisen as a replacement for something we miss doing ourselves.

Recapture that conviviality with a cookery course

Our regions are known and admired for our excellent gourmet food and the quality of our local produce. And some chefs have decided to offer us the opportunity to learn the secrets of this high-quality cuisine.

Your host will help you prepare your dishes from recipes for traditional, gastronomic and even molecular cuisine.

When it’s time to eat, you’ll all sit around the table with a glass of wine, sharing and enjoying the fruits of your labours, made from local, organic or garden produce.

So don’t delay, book one of our cookery courses today!

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