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A la Ferme
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Bistrot de Terroir®
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La Ferme Gourmande® (The Gourmet Farm)

Farm restaurants are the perfect place to discover fresh food made from ingredients produced on the farm itself or elsewhere in the region.

© WBT - JL Flémal

In Wallonia, this farm restaurant concept is called La Ferme Gourmande®.

A Ferme Gourmande® is an officially recognised establishment which meets specific criteria and where the farmer/restaurateur in person serves tasty local cuisine made mostly from seasonal produce sourced nearby in the Wallonia region.

These farm restaurants offer you the opportunity to discover unique recipes made from top-quality local produce, in a convivial rustic environment.

It’s a different way of discovering Walloon gastronomy while sharing the simple pleasures of the countryside with family or friends.


Try the experience for yourself and you’ll be amazed by the variety of culinary specialities in our regions.

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