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© WBT - Philippe Lermusiaux
© WBT - Emmanuel Mathez
© WBT - Philippe Lermusiaux
© WBT - Philippe Lermusiaux
© WBT - Philippe Lermusiaux
© WBT - Philippe Lermusiaux
© WBT - Philippe Lermusiaux
© WBT - Philippe Lermusiaux
© WBT - Philippe Lermusiaux
© WBT - Philippe Lermusiaux

The cheeses of Wallonia


Wallonia has a strong cheesemaking tradition. Walloon cheeses are many and varied, and totally mouth-watering.

© WBT - Philippe Lermusiaux

Fleur des Fagnes, Bleu des Moines, Trou d’Sottai, Cassete de Beaumont, Boulette de Nivelles, Waterloo –  the list of Walloon cheeses is a long one!

They are all so tasty: from fresh soft cheese with washed rinds or surface moulds, to semi-hard and hard cheeses, to blue cheese, to goats’ cheese – delicious!

Herve cheese

A small square-shaped cheese with character, Herve is Wallonia’s strong cheese.

Known by aficionados since the 12th century, Herve really took off during the reign of Charles the Fifth.

Herve cheese is often served with the unique Sirop de Liège (Liège Syrup). This gorgeous caramelised spread, made from concentrated apples and pears, comes from the enormous orchards of Hesbaye.

Take a trip to the green plains of the Herve plateau, taste this delicious cheese or cook up some lovely recipes while you’re there.

A the The Espace des Saveurs (Flavours Museum) of Herve, you can discover the heritage and taste the local regional produce of the Herve region.


What should you drink with a good cheese?

Many abbey cheeses should be savoured with sips of highly fermented beer.

For some cheeses, only red wine will do. But here in Wallonia, a characterful beer will always be accompanied by cheese. It brings out more of the flavours and aromas of the beer.


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