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© WBT - Philippe Lermusiaux
© WBT - Emmanuel Mathez
© WBT - Philippe Lermusiaux
© WBT - Philippe Lermusiaux
© WBT - Philippe Lermusiaux
© WBT - Philippe Lermusiaux
© WBT - Philippe Lermusiaux
© WBT - Philippe Lermusiaux
© WBT - Philippe Lermusiaux
© WBT - Philippe Lermusiaux

Water, Wallonia's blue gold

Wallonia is also known for the quality of the mineral water from its internationally renowned spa towns, Spa and Chaudfontaine.

© WBT - Philippe Lermusiaux

Take time out in Spa

The town of Spa, where the word now used across the globe comes from, has a large number of natural springs, which are called pouhons in the Walloon language.

From these pouhons flows water with curative properties, which has made Spa a highly reputed water cure centre since Roman times.

Nowadays, it is known all over the world. Millions of people use the word 'spa' without knowing its origin, or that Spa is a pretty little town nestled in the Ardennes Forest, just a stone’s throw from the famous Spa-Francorchamps circuit.

If you visit Spa you’ll be able to reap the benefits of its natural mineral spring water, and relax and enjoy some time out in this modern wellness and water cure centre.

The magic waters of Chaudfontaine

If you go a little further, to Chaudfontaine or to the heart of its château, you’ll find more thermal baths and more excellent quality water.

Did you know that Chaudfontaine has the only natural hot water springs (37°C) in Belgium?

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Spa Francorchamps